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Is voice really replacing text?

The art of communication with machines(computers) is evolving pretty fast. Artificial intelligence has made way for machine learning and deep learning,  the results are mind-blowing.

Decades past, Artificial Intelligence was a closed subject and was held tight under the wraps of MIT and military agencies. But the past few years things have changed. The Internet brought it all. Information was shared and researchers dived deep to bring out the underlying concepts open to the citizens of the world.

What happened?

Yes, you guessed it right. Internet companies leveraged AI’s importance and started building their own AI powered products. Google’s  Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are the frontrunners. All these companies are in a way inclined towards human-machine communication oriented services. Yes, the trend of interfacing humans with computers or any electronic gadget over voice is taking over the traditional keyboard/screen/touch approach.
We’re all getting more and more used to voice in our smartphone, cars, and homes of people are getting automated, commands are sent over voice and machines (Computers, TV, Robots) are trained to respond accurately.

The last few years have been full of Robotic innovations for specific purposes.  Home automation and its demand has skyrocketed.  Talking to computers is booming (business) and this has disrupted the power centre as well in the corporate sector.

Google dominates the ads business, Amazon is into smart homes and also in your car to help you navigate.

Ask anything to Alexa, it gives you an answer, it can be a silly question or brain tearing complex one, it provides an answer in the most elegant way. It plays the answer and you can just hear it. Cool right?.

Apple is not behind either with it’s Siri in the iPhoneiPad, computer, Watch, earbuds and now their speakers as well.

The intelligent devices are slowly becoming personal assistants, even advising you on a day’s itinerary and schedules. They are going to be our driving force in the near future.

In this war of corporates, Google might take a  beating with its web search services that happen typically on a monitor. People might be migrating away from Google’s web-based search services to seek information and move towards Voice services such as Alexa to seek information such as phone numbers, address …. anything.

If people started to move away for Google search, the next big question will be the impact on their Ads business.

Interestingly all of this is happening when introduction of other forms of reality like augmented, virtual and mixed reality is happening things now, which again is a screen/ touch/keyboard driven.

The question now is down the line ..say 10 to 15 yrs from now, will we be still be typing our queries on a keyboard showing up on a screen? Or… will just thinking and voice commanding your search gives you the required info … on your specs or even retina?

I prefer later would take prominence.

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