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Blockchain Technology, Realtors Reward Consumers for Checking-in at an Open Houses

As a Realtor you hold an Open House because the home owner thinks it’s it’ll sell the home and you know that it’s a haven for new leads. But too many times the prospective leads walk in and walk out, and you don’t get their information. An Open House is pretty predictable combination of:
No one shows up
A few people trickle in
It’s a mob and all you see are prospective leads walking in then walking out

The Typical Open House:
Someone walks in and you ask them to jot their names down on the sign up sheet and think; Are they a prospective buyer or, I do they need a Realtor. You immediately gravitate to the one who you think is a prospective buyers and try to make eye contact with everyone that walks through the door. Then all of a sudden there are 15 people walking around and you get stuck with the couple that’s telling you their life story. Your start side gazing and watch all the prospective leads take a flyer, grab a cookie and walk out. Your qualified leads have just left the building.

Give a Reward at an Open House?
It’s pretty much the norm, take Peets Coffee and Taco Bell using your phone to check-in and you earn reward points. It’s the same at CVS and ACE hardware, they want your phone number to receive coupons and discounts, seems like just about everyone has rewards. That’s because they work! Why not do the same for an Open House? Rewards drive consumer behavior, create loyalty and they become your marketers.
As a Realtor your a trusted source and consumers gravitate to rewards. The consumer comes to you Open House receive a reward and for that YOU GET A QUALIFIED LEAD

How it Works With Blockchain:

The foundation of an open house reward uses blockchain token technology. The check-in rewards are tokens called TieCoins and redeemed for cash. TieCoins tie a reward to a message, and are given for performing tasks like checking-in. TieCoin rewards provide, transparently and immutability needed to build consumer confidence in this technology. The consumer uses their phone number to sign up, a digital wallet is created that holds the rewards. Rewards are earned at check-in, when they complete their profile, take surveys or views ads. The consumer also receives a reward each time they receive a message.
This technology is available for Realtors, go to www.tiecoins.com to sign up.