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What Are the Key Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Providers?

cloud managed service provider benefits

Managed cloud service is the process of outsourcing IT management of your cloud services to improvise business operations with automation  and ultimately to cut expenses.

Today businesses run on information and managing that information securely is of prime importance. The on-premise data management leads to security threats, costly downtime and data loss and these issues can be effectively managed on the cloud. Often, in-house IT departments don’t have enough skills to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment. Hiring a cloud managed service provider with fixed monthly pricing helps to effectively manage your cloud computing, storage, security, network operations, application stacks, vendors, etc., by experts in less expensive.

Depending on your IT needs, cloud MSPs can handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery and more. 

Here is a list of key benefits businesses enjoy when partnering with a Cloud Managed Service Provider.

Cost Reduction

Maintaining an in-house IT department is more expensive. By outsourcing your cloud managed services, you can effectively control and reduce network maintenance costs. Unlike on-premise servers, cloud managed services greatly lessen costs, as monthly payment needs to be made only for what has been used. Outsourcing to a cloud managed services provider can save you thousands each year on the cost of an internal IT department.

Disaster Recovery

With cloud managed services, your data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. They can store it in data centers where it’s retrievable in case of a potential loss. In the event of a disaster, your business and operations can continue with minimal downtime.

Vendor interfacing

When vendor-specific service issues arise, Cloud managed service providers, take care of contacting third-party vendors to resolve them. We know it can be annoying to contact vendors over service issues when you have multiple tasks due for your business to keep running properly. And Cloud consulting partner understands the technical questions to ask when communicating issues with cloud vendors. It brings you a solution at a much faster rate without any of the confusion that can arise from asking the wrong questions that can delay a solution.

Better Response Time

Cloud Managed Service Providers deliver enterprise-level monitoring so it can detect and fix any present network issue. With the help of the cloud managed services, you can expect better response times across all the levels of monitoring. Most service providers are capable of accessing, monitoring and repairing any network issue within a short period. So, you can get a quick response through enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services.

Centralized Network

A managed cloud service provider (MSP) manages all the applications and servers in a central data center within the managed cloud network. As a result, your remote network users can access centralized data within the same network including virtual services. Also, with cloud, it’s possible to build storage and backup into a centralized network. Hence, this increased network availability helps in increasing business performance.

Highly resilient & secure infrastructure 

A Managed Service Provider’s data centers and managed network infrastructure is much more robust than a standard IT service. Infrastructure is run under 24/7 management, with government approval security procedures.

At EphronTech, we are committed to helping businesses leverage custom cloud solutions to control costs and automate critical processes. As a cloud-managed services provider, we set up, manage and protect your cloud environment so you can focus on growing your business. Do you want more information, Contact us now.