Verizon urges FCC to include RCS in declaratory ruling for SMS, MMS. While wireless operators generally and wholeheartedly support the FCC’s decision to classify SMS and MMS as “information services” rather than “telecommunications services” or “commercial mobile services,” Verizon is urging the commission to go a step further and include Rich Communication Services (RCS) as well. Read

"We make the net work” used to be a slogan of Sun Microsystems. Repeated many times by its then visionary and fearless leader Scott McNealy, it placed the emphasis on the Internet and how their servers are powering the backbone of it. Sun combined with their Java fueled the internet from both hardware and software

When McMahon wrote the lines “Medium is the message”, almost all of the communication mediums (newspaper, radio) were unidirectional. Messages were pushed out and listened to by the intended audiences. Measuring the quality and quantity of the reach was mostly guesswork whereas getting feedback for the pushed message was near impossible. Till internet gave birth