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With the power of the web, today’s customer is much better informed and is able to interact with brands across multiple touch points demanding a superior customer experience. This is a two edged sword for most of the enterprises. They have to meet the increased demand from the customer base. On the other hand, they do have multiple channels at their disposal to stay connected with the customers.

One major challenge is this - With increasing customer expectations and organization silos, there is a greater need to deliver a connected customer experience. Enterprises, regardless where they are located or what they do, face several challenges, both internally and externally, while providing seamless experience.

EphronTech has deep knowledge and expertise with integration of systems that creates efficient flow of data from/to the enterprise, creating a powerful connected enterprise. We help businesses engage customers, increase sales, enhance customer experience and create an integrated enterprise that delivers consistent, omni channel customer experience.

We help global enterprises leverage omni-channel platform combined with necessary professional services :

  • Content Marketing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • E-commerce
  • User Experience management
  • Collaboration
  • Business Process Management
  • B2B Integration
  • Application Integration
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