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Solution Architecture

EphronTech’s deep understanding and working experience in creating enterprise scale solutions resulted in our ability to architect solutions using the platforms of our choice. We start with capturing and documenting the business problems and get to “whiteboarding”, a practice of coming up with various solution options, with their complexity, efforts, long term cost of ownership and many others. We present the best architecture for the solution with a wireframe and often, a functioning proof of concept prototype.


Based on the acceptance of the suggested architecture and/or the proof of concept, more projects move on to the development phase. EphronTech’s full stack development team is assigned to the project in whatever model agreed on. The needed backend, UI and the infrastructure are built by the respective team and the assigned project lead starts to work with the assigned contact(s) at the client.


If you are looking to migrate your internal or hosted infrastructure to AWS, let us help you. We have helped migrating to AWS bringing significant cost savings in managing infrastructure and applications.


Data modeling and architecting interfaces for business systems to talk with each other is something we are really good at. We have the collective keen eye for eliminating data silos and building dependable integration touchpoints for your organization.