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Heard about Koa.js?

Koa.js is a JavaScript framework, it has some key updates towards the development aspects of middleware development. Middleware is a layer on web application stack that keeps every aspect integrated into a network to run smoothly.

It has picked up from where Express.js left and hence an evolution of it and is a web framework designed to run on top of the Node.js platform. It was written by the same authors of Express. Koa is a new web framework which aims to be a smaller, more expressive, and more robust foundation for web applications and APIs. , and shares some of Express’ core architecture.

 Through leveraging generators Koa allows you to ditch callbacks and greatly increase error-handling. Koa does not bundle any middleware within the core and provides an elegant suite of methods that make writing servers fast and enjoyable. It is a more streamlined middleware for building highly efficient applications. Koa represents the future of JavaScript programming, by eliminating the callback model altogether from a technology that has previously relied completely on callbacks for asynchronous functionality.

EphronTech, being a quick picker of emerging technologies and platforms has picked up on Koa.js as well and has built apps running on node.js with koa.js middleware.

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