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Why RedTie ?

RedTie is an omni-channel communications platform that supports SMS, Voice Call, Email, Chat, Social, Web and Mobile channels. The platform itself was born out of necessity of building various communications applications. After building many applications that either send or receive messages, we felt the need for a single platform that can handle every possible communications channels with a robust API stack for us to be able to build applications easily. The criteria given in architecting and building RedTie are given below :

Omni-Channel Support

A communications platform should be used for all communication needs of an organization. This will effectively reduce the cost of building and maintaining solutions. If an organization were to use disparate solutions for their various solution needs, it will most likely result in data silos, additional cost for integration etc.

API / Webhooks

A robust API stack is absolutely essential for a communications platform. It should be easy to get the needed keys and get cracking on developing whatever solution in mind. In addition, the ability to implement webhooks to meet the specific integration touchpoints of an enterprise. RedTie has both of these and many solutions have been built using them.


RedTie’s pricing model is based on the consumption. You pay for what you use, nothing more , nothing less. You get all channels and features for a flat fee and then pay for inbound and outbound messages. The platform is credits based and the credits may be procured ahead of time.

Reliability / Performance

RedTie is built on the AWS platform and makes uses many of the AWS’ features and services. Failover and scalability are built right into the DNA of the platform. All channel connections are monitored under CloudWatch.


RedTie is supported by a dedicated team of engineering and customer support professionals. And the support is offered on any of the channels that the platform itself supports.

Our expertise in RedTie

We have applied our expertise in RedTie in getting the following done :

  • Alert notification systems
  • Document sharing mobile applications
  • Lead conversion forms / sites
  • Intra channel communication triggers
  • Regulatory / Compliance solutions

Some of our notable accomplishments in RedTie are covered in our blog. Please read them. And if you need more info, please contact us.