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Life and Soul of a business – Automation and AI

Internet driven business is taking over the global economy to new heights, e-commerce has brought disconnected countries, people and their products much closer. The constraints in trading options have eased out now and barriers in gateways have opened up new business channels. Gone are those old days, where business people had to travel and find out the demand and supply chain to source and serve products. Data is the player now, everything is available right in front of you in internet databases. You can simply search where and what is high in demand over there and supply what you have in abundance. Business happens on the internet in the most effective way and is at lightning speed.

Connectivity plays a key factor in a business establishment, it is the most influencing aspect for any business to grow and flourish but unfortunately, it has been ignored due to lack of knowledge in this current internet transformation age. Businesses fail to recognize internet driven connectivity tools such as the use of bots, chatbots, marketing automation, data analytics, user behaviour, and other customer engagement aspects.

The future is changing, and if you don’t switch to it, then your business might not exist at all.

In early days, a website was just a static place to showcase products, services, and one-sided conversations. Now everything is fresh and changed, web 2.0 and social media came into play, information – image, text or video gets shared in social networks and on web 2.0 optimized for latest mobile browsers as well. The point I am making here, the initial phase of transformation was making content (products and services)  available to users over their devices viz.,  desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in the most elegant way.

Now, again the focus has shifted and changing again,  it is about backlinking the presented content by providing options for users to asks what they want over chats and answer them over bots. This is the height of business engagement level with its users.

If you aren’t currently using automation and bots within your marketing and customer management, you are missing out big time. With lower costs and increased conversions, they are improving the customer experience.  Who said bots, chatbots, and automation are only for B2C, it is just in theory, it is applicable to all areas of operations. For example, chatbots are completely changing the way employees and businesses communicate with each other while improving connectivity, productivity, and scalability at the workplace. At the same time, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) bots are making data research, lead generation and conversion much simpler.

There isn’t a  better way to spike up the ROI other than automation and an AI bot helping along the way. Customer support, lead generation, and lead conversion is the way to look forward and move on for businesses and brands to succeed.

With such elements in play, Redtie has created an effective way to put a bot to use with your business.

There are more than a billion active users on Facebook, wouldn’t it be great if there was a chatbot built specifically for connecting with audiences and customers through the popular social platform? If you’ve ever wanted to create a chatbot through Facebook using their developer guidelines and tutorials, you probably found it to be quite the complicated and frustrating experience.

A faster, cleaner and better way to start using chatbots with Facebook, is through the Redtie chatbot, check out this example to know more about it – https://devpost.com/software/retirementbot

Redtie helps in aligning campaigns, publishing articles, images,  videos, scheduling post. It connects people and businesses in the most intuitive approach – Outbound and inbound features are its USPs. It is an interactive communication hub for both businesses and consumers to know each other.

As we continue to see more websites, businesses, and brands adapt bots and automation into their customer support, lead generation and lead conversion it is very important and only a  matter of time for you to start leveraging  the benefits with these trending technology-driven business mechanisms

It’s no longer a question of if and how you can start using such technology to power and grow your business but a question of when.

It is now and the medium is Redtie.