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Marketplace Lending Platforms, in short MPL, is growing in every possible industry segment. However, the Real Estate industry is at the top in innovative MPL ventures. The latest entry into this segment is BuildFi, an MPL for the construction industry. The platform brings builders involved in construction projects and lenders who fund such projects. Borrowers can manage their Loan applications, apply for admin review, view interests shown by various lenders, view offers from various Lenders, approve the most suited offer of a lender.


“ Declarative Development “ has been the mantra spelled out loud and clear by the MPL’s creator BuilderCommerce. They expected the solution built with no or minimal custom programming. The solution is to comprise of an of a web portal that acts as a gateway or marketplace for builders and lenders to effectively communicate regarding loans and offerings by both parties. The entire backend for the MPL should be a CRM so remains the data repository as well the container for various workflows driving the organisation’s daily business operations. We helped the client choose Dynamics 365 after analyzing the various needs. The choice was proven to be right over and over during the course of the implementation.

Unified data storage, template-based portal screens, easy to manage forms – these were all needed together in a single platform and Microsoft came through with the Dynamics 365 combined with their newly acquired ADX portal service.

Being a new technology platform there were questions about the portal kept asked – Will this MS CRM portal be mobile friendly? Will it work on all major browsers? How complex was it’s CSS and JS layer? Et al.


We built the solution with the following components :


Our team of Engineers sets up the Dynamics 365 online CRM version for the client. We did it from scratch, setup account users, developer accounts, web roles, created entities, wrote workflows for a series of actions and processes. Configured the CRM for managing Projects, Sales, Contacts, Leads, and Prospects. The communication layer for notification services was built in parallel as well.

CRM Admin can see all the Loan applications, approve submitted loan applications, interests shown for Loan applications by Lenders, All offers made for Loan applications by Lenders.

Admin can view the Loan application under “Opportunity” and change the status to “Submitted to Lender”. Once the status changed, it will be open for all the Lenders.


The portal license was procured and things were moved fast. The team split up work in 2 directions. A. User Interface and B. Functional flow. The idea or scope was to build a common portal for two web roles of the CRM – Borrower, and Lender. The most important challenge was to retain the UI based on authenticated user type, i.e., based on web-role of the user.

A. Borrower Portal:

Brief summary – Borrowers can manage their Loan applications, apply for admin review, view interests shown by various lenders, view offers from various Lenders, approve the most suited of offer of a lender.

Features :

  1. Sign up
  2. Dashboard
  3. View Offers from lenders
B. Lender Portal:

Brief summary – Lender can view all the Loan applications which are approved by Admin, show interest on various Loan applications, manage all the offers, Make offers for various Loan applications.

Features :

  1. Sign up
  2. Dashboard
  3. Offer Loans
  4. Choose Lender
  5. Close

Any questions about this project? Please contact us by sending an email to info@ephrontech.com