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Blockchain in The Tasting Room

Blockchain in wine industry

How would you like to have the contact information of patrons who visit your tasting room? On a busy day in the tasting room people come in and people go out, some buy wine and some don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who came in, and be able to follow up with them? And not by sending them an email or trying to get them to sign up for your newsletter why not, because all wineries use email have a newsletter and a Face book. Why? Because you have to, it’s pretty much business basics, and that’s the problem everyone does it and it just does not work like it used to. It’s pretty much today’s old school fall back marketing.

Well there is a better way, it happens in your tasting room and it uses blockchain technology. It’s WineRewards, it’s new and built for you to connect with and stay connected with your customers. WineRewards are a micro-reward given to consumers when they sign up, try your wine, buy from you, join your wine club and stay connected. At sign up, and seamless to the user WineRewards creates a digital wallet on the blockchain, each time a customer receives a reward it’s deposited in their wallet that’s unique to them. WineRewards unlike coupons or points earned for buying something, are given to consumers for interacting with you. Including receiving text messages. Texting, the new norm has an open rate of 98% and with a reward attached it’s a no brainer.

Rewards work that’s why they are so widely adopted. Most rewards are specific to a business. You can only use Starbucks rewards at Starbucks but WineRewards can be earned from any participating winery giving consumers a reason to visit your winery or purchases from your online store.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain is the biggest technology change since the beginning of the internet. It gives businesses an option to manage the cost of technology and consumers greater transparency, enhanced security, easier traceability.

Learn more about WineRewards go to www.winerewards.wine