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QR Codes Are Making a Comeback – Find out Why?

Don’t underestimate the power of QR Codes, using them lets you connect directly with customers no matter where they are 

QR Codes are everywhere, they are on labels, packaging, business cards, and painted on buildings. QR Codes simplify the way consumer’s access information. When scanned it will open a web page or trigger an action like; send a text, show a video, or tell a story. The possibilities for using QR Codes are endless. All of today’s smartphones have a built-in scanner so scanning a QR Code is simple.

Adding a QR Code to Your Wine Label Is a No Brainer

Your bottle is your roving billboard, it represents your brand, your product, and about you. Adding a QR Code to your label is easy and gives almost endless options on engaging your consumers.

About QR Codes:

QR is short for Quick Response; they work just like barcodes at the supermarket and consist of black squares and dots which represent pieces of information.

 Scanning a QR Code With A Smartphone: 

It’s simple. Open the camera on your smartphone like you’re taking a picture, point it at the QR Code “don’t take a picture” your camera will automatically scan the QR code. It’s that simple.

Give it a try, scan this QR Code and it will bring you to the Wine Industry Network home page.

One of the biggest barriers for consumers is, requiring them to download a new app on their smartphone to do something. But that’s not so with QR Codes, smartphones have built-in scan functionality.

Three Use Cases for Using QR Codes:  

Pairing Wine with Food at the Grocery Store: 

It’s a very typical situation where a consumer is at the grocery store, they pick up something for dinner then go searching for a bottle of wine. They are having fish and decide to look for White Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc. So many choices on the shelf but a catchphrase on a bottle next to the QR code catches their attention. The catchphrase says “Best with Fish scan to see our recipe”. Curious the consumer scans the QR code, reads the recipe has it sent to their email, reads about your winery, and signs up to receive notifications from you.

Introducing the Winemaker at a Dinner Party

A consumer is having a dinner party. They bring out a bottle of your wine, it’s a bottle of one of your high-end reserve wines. The catchphrase next to the QR Code says “Meet our Winemaker” the customer scans the QR code and it pops a video and the Winemaker tells a story about your wine.

Teaching Consumers How To Taste Wine

You have a couple of friends over and pull out a bottle of wine. The catchphrase next to the QR Code says “Learn How to Taste Wine”. When scanned it pulls up a video that’s posted on your website on the best way to taste wine.

The Technology behind a QR Code Gives You Endless Options to Interact With Your Consumers

Scanning A QR Code Can Trigger Almost Any Event: 

  • Send a text or email to a consumer
  • Pull up a discount code or coupon
  • Call the consumer with a message
  • Show a Winery video tour
  • Automatically calendar an event
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Automatically connect to Wi-Fi

Some Technology behind the QR Code  

Add Geofencing: If you want to put a geographical limit on where consumers can trigger an action by scanning a QR Code you can add geofencing. Geofencing only allows users within a predefined geographical area to receive a response when scanning a QR Code. As an example, there’s no point in giving someone a free tasting if they live 2,000 away from your Vineyard. 

Add Location Tracking: You can track the number of people who went to your website by scanning your QR Code.

 Using QR Codes Is Just Good Marketing

 QR codes are everywhere, they are the gateway for customers to get to know more about you, your products, buy from you, and build consumer loyalty. You can use QR Codes in many creative ways, the possibilities are almost endless. Don’t limit the QR code to your bottle include them to your brochures and tasting room menus. Give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.

About the Author:

Steve Knaebel,

President, Redtie International.